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Edges - The Exhibition (11.9.08)



The edges have always been there, beyond the horizon, awaiting our arrival, eager to show us their secrets…
And we respond, crossing borders to discover, out of curiosity, out of the compulsion of temptation, like a subversive reconnaissance unit (avangarde) setting out ahead of the column for a continual monitoring of the seismograph at the edges.
And what lies there beyond the edges? Terror, beauty, a different reality, super reality, uncertainty... 

Our lives in this land are a fragile, chaotic reality, treading a tight-rope, a world where existence is insecure, sometimes to be defined as a miracle.

"Treading the edges" - that seems to be our unavoidable fate for the time being…

Setting out to the edges, and beyond them, over and again, is a Sisyphean act of escape from a flawed and harsh everyday, and also a way of creating new alternative worlds.

But occasionally we shall discover that, in the contest between true reality and the one we have created in our imaginations, there is only one victor, and no artistic image can rival the potency of the real world.

The edges have always been the preoccupation of human culture. Ancient mythologies speak of crossing borderlines and edges: the tale of Icarus, the river Styx separating the world from Hades, the Summation River, and the myth of Paradise - are just a few examples.

The "Edges" exhibition likewise attempts to reach the extremity, the edge that is an ending but also simultaneously a new beginning, to ask and learn what are the poetics and inner syntax of the edges.

The works in the exhibit are an echo of the reality of our existence, and the events that have occurred, and that have yet to occur, all around us. They lead the onlooker to the exposed nerve endings and sensations beyond the termination of safe everyday existence, to the edge of the chasm a moment before the drop and sometimes even after it - to the son ambulatory twilight zone. They create an atmosphere that undermines the illusory security of our near surroundings, threatening to invade the gallery and draw us as bit players into their narrative. As a contemporary drawing exhibition, "Edges" neither examines nor defines the borders of drawing.

Contemporary drawing maintains an open dialogue with the other media of plastic art, and is in no need of didactic definitions for it has itself long ago crossed the traditional borderlines of material, format and form.

The exhibition relates to drawing in the broadest sense, material and formal, from paper and canvas to the virtual expanse of the video, from classical materials to sealers and digital representation, from the small to the monumental. 

And now that we have faced up to the challenge and crossed borders - can we go back? Does it make sense to go back?

Yosi Davara, curator

Hagai Argov


Hanna Ben-Haim Yulzari


Amnon Ben-Ami


Gittit Guberman


Avi Dabach

Lena Zaidel


Orit Livne


Avi Sabah


Anat Lipner Salomon


Ronen Siman Tov


Hamutal Fishman


Sela Koren


Yulia Rabesky


Uri Radovan


Etty Schwartz

Chen Shapira



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