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  • The Pointillist ‘Contagion’ in Italy
    “Painted measles” is what one hostile critic called the efforts of the Italian followers of French Neo-Impressionism. The occasion was the first Brera Triennale in Milan in 1891. The reference was to the tiny dots of color that covered their canvases. The technique, also called Pointillism...

  • Art Review | Sol LeWitt: Drawing Series
    Parting Thoughts From a Master of the Ephemeral
    BEACON, N.Y. — If the greatness of Sol LeWitt, the Minimal-Conceptual artist who died this month at 78, has so far escaped you, make haste to this quiet Hudson River town and its main cultural attraction...

  • Britain is at the centre of a conversation with the world
    The British Museum is still the repository of its founders' ideals of global community, rather than querulous nationhood...

  • Will Elgin Marbles Ever Make It Back to Athens? Martin Gayford (By Martin Gayford)
    April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Is there the merest hint of movement in the world's most intractable restitution drama? That is, the issue of the Elgin -- or, if you prefer, Parthenon -- Marbles, which has flared up at intervals since Lord Elgin removed them from the Acropolis at Athens in the 19th century...

  • Italian jewel will offer wider view of Hermitage treasures
    Richard Owen in Ferrara

  • Tate admits need to buy more works by women artists (By Arifa Akbar)
    Published: 26 March 2007

  • First Gulf Art Fair lays the foundations
    Despite a slow start, most dealers are confident that the Middle Eastern market will grow...

  • Women's Art Strike!
    "Global Feminisms," an exhibition of artworks by 87 women artists born since1960 is now at the Brooklyn Museum (through July 1) and will inspire debate on many topics. Is Body Art now the feminist language? Is the feminist historical survey WACK! now at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA L.A. and scheduled for P.S. 1 next year enough of a reason for "Feminisms" to avoid all art elders in the name of globalism and youth? Isn't thematic age-ism still age-ism?

  • Rothko, Bacon May Replace Picasso as Kings of Auction Market
    April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon and other postwar painters are fetching top prices at auctions as works by modern artists such as Pablo Picasso vanish into museums and private collections.

  • Art in the Garbage May Signal Stealth Criticism: Martin Gayford
    March 21 (Bloomberg) -- How, you may ask, could anyone mistake a valuable work of art for garbage? Well, it has just happened, and not for the first time...
    By Martin Gayford

  • Displaying works of art. Some remarks about exhibition design.
    The issue regarding exhibition design is widely ignored and misunderstood, since the display designer's work is often confused with the curator's or the artist's. This stems from the fact that some exhibition designers also can be artists, architects, decorators or interior designers...
    By Jerome Glicenstein

  • The artist and his models
    Facing the crisis that not only political art or critical art, (two totally different concepts), but contemporary art itself are experiencing, (knowing that the state of crisis has always been the normal state of art, that art has always been in a permanent state of  crisis, a crisis that has recently increased, even accelerated), some people intend to go back to the old polemic...

  • Rockefeller Foundation Humanities Fellowships at the Smithsonian Institution

    The Smithsonian hosts six to eight fellows for each of three years to work on the theoretical development of the concept of cultural heritage.

  • Sabra
    Let me explode some of the myths about the Sabra. First: Sabra is not "native" or exclusive to Israel it is a world wide cactus.
    All prickly pear cactus are of the genus Opuntia, the Opuntia megacantha is one of the tastiest and most popular. The general consensus is that it probably orginated in CentralAmerica probably...

    Joshua Neustein
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