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Study Design in Bergen
The MA programme in Design offers practical, methodological as well as theoretical skills to work with design at an advanced level – functionally, aesthetically as well as ethically. Students are expected to contribute towards development of their profession through innovative methods – primarily by way of one major, independent and experimental project. Two specialities are available: Furniture and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture, and Visual Communication.

The MA programme puts emphasis on personal in-depth studies and interdisciplinary cooperation during their MA project as well a joint project with their fellow students at Dept of Design. The programme aims at developing students' ability to think comprehensively and to address complex problems based on a broad and thorough understanding of design as method.

The Department strives to educate designers who apply a comprehensive approach and who boldly, emphatically and skilfully develop formal and functional solutions for a rapidly changing environment.

The MA programme in Design offers specialisations in Furniture and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture and Visual Communication.

The initial focus of the curriculum emphasises methodology, progresses with focus on the students' own MA project and concludes with courses in rhetoric and the transition to professional life.

All students share the same theoretical foundation, independent of their specialisation. Theory includes three main segments; communication, the market- and cultural skills, and methodology. The designer's role in society and identity are key elements in all segments.

The interdisciplinary programme includes introductory courses, joint projects, workshops in e.g. concept, project management, writing and courses preparing the candidate for the future as professional designer.

The MA programme in Design also offers courses in specialities such as creative typography, universal design, colour, use of materials etc. These courses vary from one term to the other.

The programme intends to develop strategic and conceptual skills among students, strengthen their ability to work independently and to manage large-scale projects together with others. The Dept of Design expects its students to develop skills in empathy, communication and flexibility, and to create a basis for personal growth. These skills will enable the students to address complex situations in a rapidly changing world.

Personal Progress and Group Cooperation
During the first term the Department's two specialities address similar issues. At the core is an interdisciplinary public project training for teamwork, development of concepts and ideas during an open process with external partners.

The personal focus of the MA programme is characterised and guided by the student's own definition of his/her role as designer, and also by how the individual contextualises his/her project.

The MA project is tutored. In addition the students are obliged to present their projects in plenary sessions, for peer and tutor feedback. These presentations are natural milestones in the project's progress.

The MA projects intend to develop an ability and willingness to venture beyond design's borders, moving in the span between a user-oriented approach and experiments in surfaces and means.

The MA programme in design is a comprehensive, professional education.

Degree show
At the end of two years, after successful completion of the MA exam, the master's projects are presented in a public exhibition, currently held at Permanenten Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum in the heart of Bergen.

Bergen National Academy of the Arts
Bergen National Academy of the Arts is one of two independent institutions offering higher education in visual arts and design in Norway. KHiB has 300 students and a staff of 100 and has three departments: Dept of Fine Art, Dept of Design and Dept of Specialised Art.

KHiB is part of the public education system in Norway, which means that students do not pay tuition fees. KHiB is characterised by small student groups which enables close collaboration between staff and students.

This is a unique possibility to study design in spectacular surroundings!


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