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Artists Opportunities - 4.3.09


There are three steps in application process:
A. Sending general information and essays online
B. Uploading JPEG image(s)
C. Mailing application materials.
Please first download the Program Outline and Application Guideline from this page.
Before you start preparing application, please read carefully through these documents.
Closes 31/3/09

Artists or arts workers who work in or with communities are encouraged to apply. Our
residency program provides opportunities for local and international artists to live and
work together with our team and the local community. ComPeung residencies are for a
period of one to three months. Interested artists are encouraged to apply by providing
ComPeung with a preliminary proposal of her/his/their art work or project. As a work-in-
progress we understand that the proposed project might change in the process.

Closing date: There is no fixed deadline, but we appreciate to receive applications at least
3 months prior to the proposed residency. If you have any questions relating to the
application or the residency please contact us.



Call For Art :
Send us your Mailart,
Fluxus, Sound Work,
Visual Poetry, Images,
Books, Objects, Etc……
In Conjunction with the Open Studio
Tours of Fluxus/St. Louis, sponsored
By the Museum of Contemporary Art
In Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
We are hosting a Mail art exhibition.
All works will be shown. No limits.
Please send work by July 1st, 2009.
Exhibition will take place July 25/26,
2009 With Additional Venues to
Follow. All work will be permanently
archived at Fluxus/St.Louis.
Documentation to all participants.
Send work to :
Fluxus St. Louis
c/o Keith A. Buchholz
4615 Oregon Ave.
St. Louis, Mo. 63111 U.S.A.


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