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Artists Opportunities - 24.2.09

Open to all artists, printing techniques and tendencies, TALLER
GALERIA FORT and ADOGI announce, as every year, the MINI PRINT

1. Each artist should submit four prints. It is preferable though not
necessary that the works be of different images.

2. The image must not be bigger than 10 x 10 cm (3.9 x 3.9 in). The paper
or support must not be bigger than 18 x 18 cm (7.1 x 7.1 in).

3. The signed works should be sent by registered air-mail as PRINTED
MATTER in a simple packet, without glass, frame or passe-partout,
declaring "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE", to: ADOGI, Apartat de Correus 9319,
Barcelona 08080, Spain, before March 15th.

4. With the membership form properly filled in, a "Curriculum Vitae"
should accompany the works, including name, date and place of birth of
the artist as well as the corresponding fee. Please make payment by
Banker's Draft (Cashier's Check) for 100 USD (payable on USA Bank) or
80 EUR (payable on European Bank) to the order of Mercedes Barberà, or
by Bank Transfer to ADOGI's account CCC: 2100-3447-76-2500015635,
IBAN: ES63 2100 3447 7625 0001 5635, BIC/SWIFT CODE: CAIXESBBXXX or
Cash. If you are a resident in Spain, the fee is 40 EUR.

5. A Jury will select the works to be exhibited. The names of the
accepted artists will be published in our website during the month of
June – www.miniprint.org.

6. The exhibition in Cadaqués will last 81 days and will be open to the
public daily from 18.00 to 21.30 h, from June 27 to September 15

7. Accepted works will also be exhibited in the Galerie L'Etangd'Art in
Bages, France, and in other places still undetermined.

8. A Jury of professionals in the field of engraving will select 6
winning prints, all of the same category, which will be reproduced in
full color and life-size in the catalogue. The artists will send 5
copies of their awarded work to the Taller Galeria Fort and these
prints will remain as property of ADOGI for cultural purposes only.

9. Each awarded artist will be invited to have a one-person show of
his/her small format prints within the next Mini Print International
in our gallery in Cadaqués, during the summer season.

10. Once the itinerant exhibitions are over, which takes about one year or
so, a catalogue illustrating all the exhibited prints in full color
and full information will be sent to each participating artist,
together with the unsold works and a cheque for any work sold.

11. There will be a 33% commission for the Gallery on the sale of all
work. 50 miniprints will be purchased by ADOGI. If artists are
interested in selling, please set reasonable prices.

12. ADOGI reserves the right to reproduce and exhibit any work accepted,
for promotional or cultural purposes.

13. Although all work will be handled with maximum care, ADOGI will assume
no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur. The works
that do not adhere exactly to these rules will not be sent back.

14. Participation in the exhibition implies the acceptance of the above

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