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Artists Opportunities - 13.2.09

Artist-in-residence program 2009 in Beijing
We have more than 20 studios (high-quality and low-price) for visual artists’ residencies at the art district of Beijing. Organized by the BDAS, in selected studios the owners of which have signed the contract with the BDAS.

Our aim is to provide international visual artists (including art organization/group, filmmaker/s, dancer/s, writer/s, etc.) with affordable rental rates to studio residency program. This program affords a diverse and underserved array of artists the opportunity: (1) to produce new body of work, (2) to provide artists with concentrated time to focus on a research project. For more Information please visit our website: http://www.bdaspace.com/beijing/studio.html OR email: bdaspace@yahoo.com

Organization: Beijing Da Art Space (BDAS)
Event Name: Artist-in-residence program 2009 in Beijing
Deadline: Ongoing
Location: Beijing, China
Contact for more information: bdaspace@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.bdaspace.com/beijing/studio.html

Beijing Da Art Space (BDAS) is a non-profit artist organization sponsored by both domestic and foreign artists in Beijing. For more Information please visit our website: http://www.bdaspace.com
March 11, 2009
http://www.nmartproject.net -
the experimental platform for art and new media

is planning in 2010-2012 a physical exhibition on the subject of SHOAH/holocaust
and aspects as they are described in the exhibition concept on
http://dts.engad.org/blog/?page_id=10 ,

and is looking for artists, who worked already on the given subject,
or who would like to work on this subject.
In the focus of interest are exclusively digital media, primarily video,
but also netart, computer basded multi-media, soundart, digital photography and media installation.

They are encouraged to submit their expression of interest in participating by
sending one or more work or concept proposals.
The submission form can be found on

All serious submissions will be reviewed and archived
Participating will be possible only on personal invitation.

Project blog
info (at) nmartproject.net
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